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Are you a mum wanting to raise your children consciously? The desire to help your children grow into emotionally well-adjusted adults is so important today. In fact, having healthy and happy families is a common goal we all share.

Flower Essences facilitate emotional wellness and what you learn in this course will see you assisting your family and friends to be the best they can be and enable you to run your own business.


Are you a practitioner and looking for that missing link in your practice? Just as Dr Edward Bach observed in his medical practice in the 1930’s the underlying presenting patterns of your clients are often emotional. You know, and see it every day, that how your clients think and feel impacts every aspect of their lives.

Flower Essences facilitate emotional wellness and what you learn in this course will have you transforming people’s lives and assisting them to expand their potential.


Are you looking to understand more about yourself and your inner emotional world? Having the freedom to explore and expand your self-awareness, perception and concept is a rewarding and ever evolving experience. Self-mastery is the goal.

Flower Essences facilitate emotional wellness and what you learn in this course will give you the structure to grow into the best version of yourself and then expand that out to serving others through establishing your own business.


I have recently completed Leonie's accredited Holistic Flower Essence Therapy course and I have to say I didn't want it to end. I have learnt so much as a student but also for my own self. I feel pride and enlightened, an inner glow, knowing I can do what I’ve always wanted to do and that is to share my passion and guide others to heal themselves. This course has made me want more; more for myself and more to share with the world. Thank you Leonie x

Nicola C Stokes, 2017

Soul Essence Healing

Your "Holistic Flower Essence Therapy" Designation
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This practitioner level certificate course in flower essence therapy explores the following:

  • Over 300 flower essences covering the Bach, FES, Living Essences, Australian Bush, Tree Frog Farm and Desert Alchemy ranges
  • The Indian Chakra System
  • Chinese Concepts that link emotions to specific organs
  •  Basic physiology of the body 
  • Metaphysical understandings of illness and disease
  • 15 Psychological Theories
  • Egan Model of Counselling

Holistic Flower Essence Therapy Course Overview

This course consists of 100 hours of content. At the end of each lesson there is a quiz to support your learning. There are 16 downloadable PDF modules and 21 hours of audio files. You can join an active Facebook group where lots of videos covering the answers to questions you have will be found and so much more.

What this means for you is you can practice as a flower essence therapist and not be restricted in accessing any flower essence range. You aren't JUST a Bach Flower Essence Therapist or JUST an Australian Bush Practitioner. You can work with all flower essence ranges.

The holistic nature of the content ensures you have a broad perspective of health, emotions and healing allowing you to be the best practitioner you desire to be. 

Online Flower Essence Therapy E-Course Testimonial

I completed Leonie’s Holistic Flower Essence course in 2001. I just loved it. I learnt so much about myself and others through Leonie’s story-telling. She has created an amazing course that reflects her wide breadth of experience. Her love of the essences and deep knowing of their power to heal the most traumatic of experiences inspires us all. It is a unique course because of what it combines together yet anything less just wouldn’t be worth studying. Leonie is a special kind of teacher because she brings you in contact with yourself while supporting your compassion for the humanity in us all. Thanks Leonie.

Barbara Jinks, Flower Essence Therapist, Warragul


Get instant access to your first 5 of 16 modules, followed by each set of modules in the next 3 months.

$AU240monthly (3mo) 6


Get instant access to ALL of your course modules!

$AU650 6

I believe every flower essence brings you back to the truth of who you are.

Flower Essence Therapy Course Content


The structure of the flower essence therapy course provides a holistic approach to your studies. The central thread for learning about the flower essences is through the integration of the Indian Chakra System, Chinese links between emotions and organs, Metaphysical concepts and Psychological theories. This all-inclusive perspective ensures a thorough exploration of the theory, practice and art of flower essence selection, treatment and client remedy evaluation.

Flower Essences Topics include:
The Why? What? How? Who? of Flower Essences, Making a Flower Essence; Dr. Bach’s Theory; Doctrine of Signatures; Essences for Animals; the various ways of using essences – for birth and massage; and Tools of the Healing Trade.

Each Chakra is explored:
Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown Chakras.

Where there is a link between the organs of the Indian Chakra system and the Chinese links with emotions the relevant flower essences are discussed including: Fear & Kidneys; Anger & Liver; and Grief & Lungs.

To expand on your understanding of the impact of unprocessed emotions on the body you will study Human Physiology and it's Metaphysical Relationships for the Kidneys; Adrenal Gland; Female Reproductive System; Male Reproduction System; Digestive System; Liver; Gallbladder; Pancreas; Heart; The Blood; Lungs; Thymus Gland; Thyroid Gland; Parathyroid Gland; Lymphatic System; Pituitary Gland; and the Pineal Body.

Online Flower Essences Therapy E-Course-chakras

Incorporating Human Psychology and Theories within the framework of flower essence therapy enables you to fully grasp human reality.

Topics include: 
Anxiety; Stress; Perceptual Psychology; Defence Mechanisms; Concepts of Feminine & Masculine – Jung, Yin & Yang; Pro-Female/Male Archetypes; Anger; Rational Emotive Therapy; The Foundation of Who We Are; Thomas Gordon’s Problem Ownership; Creativity; Various Aspects of Abuse; Co-dependence; Erik Erikson’s Stages of Development; Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs; and Commonly used Interpersonal Communication Approaches.


Because I believe to work with flower essences professionally it is essential for you to have sound counselling-communication skills, a free Egan Model of Counselling course has been included. The Egan Model consists of three stages and three steps in each stage. It empowers you to effectively progress through a step by step system that assists you to clearly and concisely establish the most important issues a client needs resolved by a flower essence mix. 

The skills you will learn includes: 

Accurate Observation of Non-verbal Data, Minimal Verbal Encouragers, The Balanced Use of Silence, Concreteness, Open Questioning, Clarifying Questions, Information Gathering, Advanced Accurate Empathy, Counsellor-type Challenging, Values Identification, Clarifying Feedback Response, “I” Messages and Goal Setting.


So what does that all mean?

The course progresses through the chakras starting at the Base. Let's use the Base Chakra as an example. You explore what the chakra represents and relevant flower essences for these issues. The metaphysical aspects of illness and disease are described and the flower essences discussed. The kidney is the organ associated with the Base Chakra and in Chinese Medicine the kidneys relates to fear hence you will explore the essences related to fear. The gland covered in the Chakra System is the adrenal gland. You will study the psychological theories connected to stress and anxiety and also cover the pertinent essences. 

Having fully explored the Base Chakra you will move on to the Sacral Chakra and do this again; exploring the relevant flower essences to Indian, Chinese, metaphysical and psychological theories and on it goes...

This, by far, has been the most rewarding flower essence course I have ever experienced as I've taken many! What I loved about it is, Leonie covers Bach, FES, Living Essences of Australia, Australian Bush, Desert Alchemy, and Tree Frog Farm. This 16 module course covers the Egan Model, concepts of Chinese medicine, life coaching and so much more!!! I also appreciate Leonie's passion for flower essences which you can really feel from the education videos and audio files. Her no BS approach is also something I appreciate and admire. What is really best of all is, Leonie will take the time to respond to her students in a timely manner so no student is left behind. 

I highly recommend this course and working with Leonie. You will not be disappointed!! 

Michael Allison, 2021

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Before finding Leonie's course, I was looking for a training in flower essence therapy that would incorporate different systems (Bach, ABFE, FES, etc.) within a structured course based on the Indian Chakras, as will as fundamental psychological and counselling theories. When I looked into Leonie's course I thought immediately, 'This is what I was looking for!' The curriculum progression is very well designed and Leonie's insights clearly come from years of experience in the industry.

I highly recommend it!!

Claudio Li Calzi, 2021


I thoroughly enjoyed completing my Certificate in Holistic Flower Essence Therapy, via The Essence of Healing Institute. The online set up is easy to follow. I found the course content really interesting and Leonie Blackwell is both delightful and supportive. This course has added so much extra joy, wonder and knowledge to my life. My family and friends are all now benefiting from flower essences. Forever thankful.

Natalie Ahlert, 2020

Victoria, Australia


Get instant access to your first 5 of 16 modules, followed by each set of modules in the next 3 months.

$AU240monthly (3mo) 6


Get instant access to ALL of your course modules!

$AU650 6

What are the assessment requirements of the course?

#1 Taking a Flower Essence

This provides you with a personal experience of the flower essence healing process which means you can really help clients understand their journey.

#2 Case Studies (25 Hours)

This gives you the opportunity to start practising being the future practitioner you wish to be and that means you start your career with confidence and experience.

#3 Essay (2,500 words)

This essay invites you to find the answers to neutralise scepticism and that means you can practice with sound knowledge, a blueprint of holistic health and confidence in your role in the healing profession.




  1. Blackwell

Leonie Blackwell lives in a small country town that she loves, striving to live a life that is of her making, while at the same time not the one she dreamed of as a small child. Leonie was a successful secondary school teacher and student counsellor and loved facilitating young people to find their voice, have confidence in themselves and work towards becoming the best they could be. She created emotionally intelligent classrooms, not from someone’s theory but because it felt right.

Leonie’s passion for people and unwillingness to compromise her integrity led her away from formal teaching and into welfare and youth work, then on to becoming a Naturopath.

Leonie created her business, The Essence of Healing, in 1994 but used flower essences previously in a school setting and a youth refuge. She began teaching the Holistic Flower Essence Therapy course in 1995, the Emotional Freedom Technique course in 2007 and her Empowered Realism Mentor course in 2017.

She is the author of Making Sense of the Insensible and The Box of Inner Secrets. She also wrote the chapter ‘Magnetic Joy’ in the Joe Vitale book ‘The Prosperity Factor’ and has copious personal growth webinars and programs. 

Leonie has many strings to her bow and has achieved numerous firsts in her career. The Essence of Healing was a finalist in the Gippsland Business Awards in 2012. But she’s also a team player. In 2015 Leonie travelled to Jordan as a member of a pilot project training and mentoring NGO and UNAWRA workers. This inspirational program assisted refugees in eliminating their symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

She runs her inner Secrets Healing Retreats in Ladakh, the heart of the Himalaya's bi-yearly. 

Leonie Blackwell

I first started studying with Leonie in 2010. It took me a decade to complete the course because I stopped and started with children arriving and all those unexpected life events along the way. Leonie was incredibly supportive, understanding and helpful. Flower essence therapy is an intimate journey of one's self for how can we counsel another unless we understand how flowers essences operate and have the power to bring about spiritually aligned moments, triggers and completions.

I would like to congratulate Leonie on how she delivers her certifications. Leonie is succinct and sharp and most certainly will prompt you along the way and that is a blessing in a world that sometimes can be not so succinct. I have no doubt that Leonie's teaching style will enrich one's life and be most helpful to any career aspirations regardless of disciple.  

Lisa Gibson, Queensland, Australia

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This course is the best thing that I have done for myself. I moved through a lot of personal things. I absolutely love flower essences and what they can do for you. I now have so much more direction and clarity in my life. Leonie is an awesome teacher. She makes learning fun and easy. Leonie nurtures you through the course giving you excellent examples and explanations. I recommend this course to anybody who is open minded and looking for something else in their life. It is like you look at life from a different angle. I have grown so much this year.

Liz Donohue 2007

This course is accredited by the
Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association

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Get instant access to your first 5 of 16 modules, followed by each set of modules in the next 3 months.

$AU240monthly (3mo) 6


Get instant access to ALL of your course modules!

$AU650 6

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