"Over 17 years I have found the KEY INNER SECRETS to Emotional Freedom!"

Do you want to get to the CORE of your pain AND

release it with fun, laughter and ease?

Why  do we have to experience so much CRAP, and why does it have to be so hard to let it go?


Tappers Tribe Emotional Management

Too often we feel like we are drowning in our emotions!

Everywhere we look we are witnessing the S**T this reality is creating. 

And it's not just other people's crap we are effected by. We create so much of our own pain as we struggle with our daily lives unsure of what is 'us' and what is the muck from our past covering us over.

The reality is we have never lived in a generation where the effective management of our emotions has been taught. Your parents never learnt. Your grandparents never learnt. You never learnt. No one knew to teach it. It's not even being taught widespread today. We've all just been surviving, generation after generation after generation.

It's time this changed!

Unlock your most powerful self and live the life you want...



When 98% of what you think each day is based on your unconscious beliefs a method that unlocks your repeating patterns and themes changes your life in very real and profound ways...

THAT'S what my tapping secrets will unlock for you!

Leonie Blackwell Tappers Tribe Testimonial Erin Richardson


I highly recommend Leonie’s method of work for those on a path of personal growth, self-awareness and wanting to make the unconscious conscious. Working with Leonie I have gained insight, understanding and clarity on my fears, unmet needs and the purpose of my life’s journey. I have read her books, attended her practitioner training as well as webinars. I love her tap-along scripts and her ability to just know what is universal in us all. Leonie helped me to empower myself gently yet powerfully.

Erin Richardson, 2017 


Lars Gustafsson
(Founder: UEXL Institute)

Eva Gustafsson
(Essence of Personal Transformation)

Deanna Hansen
(Founder: Blocktherapy.com)

What you will gain from being in the Tappers Tribe

  • The Real You
  • Inner Freedom
  • Greater Self- Understanding
  • Compassion
  • Perspective
  • Greater Understanding of others
  • Self-Acceptance 
  • Inner Peace
  • Clarity

What is Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique is also called Tapping. It has been around since the 1990's and Gary Craig is the founder.

Tapping is a healing process where, using your pointer and middle fingers, you tap on specific meridian points while stating your issue.

How does Tapping work?

There are three ways that tapping on meridian points creates change in the body:

1. The Meridian System - clearing energetic blocks

2. The biochemistry of the body - reducing cortisol levels by 24%
3. Directly on gene expression - switches off the unhealthy expression of genes like the one for PTSD

What does the Empowered Tapping do?

The power of Empowered Tapping is in the results. It is still tapping on meridian points and has all the benefits that traditional tapping has. The key is that it is a conversation between the parts of your brain. The words spoken specifically unlock the repeating, addictive patterns in your life and support your brain to re-wire itself. The words do ALL the work for you! 

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  • The complete EFT Professional Training Course
  • New Weekly Tap-along videos
  • Live Tapping Sesions
  • Access to webinars and Masterclasses
  • Join our community of Tappers
  • Personalised Tapping 
  • Discounts on courses and webinars

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A Message from Leonie Blackwell

EFT found me in the form of a flyer promoting a workshop back in 2001. I just knew I had to attend. The evening after the course I noticed myself unconsciously rubbing and tapping specific points on my body. I went to my notes from the day to find out what those points represented and I was gobsmacked. In that moment I had flashes of times in my life where I had instinctively eased my feelings by tapping on the meridian system. I knew Tapping had just become my newest passion. 

In my first year of Tapping it felt like I had cleared the equivalent to what had taken me 11 years previously via other healing modalities. I was hooked. I completed my training as a practitioner and went on to learn other adaptations like Matrix Reimprinting, Birth Reimprinting and Trauma Buster Technique. I watched clients dissolve issues that had consumed them for 20 years. Emotional Freedom Technique is so effective that it seems almost surreal. Yet it is very real, practical and efficient.

Essence of Healing Institute Tappers Tribe Leonie Blackwell

With the writing of my first book Making Sense of the Insensible I searched for a specific way, using tapping, to eliminate the repeating themes or patterns that often consumed our lives. I asked for guidance to find a solution that would effectively and efficiently change people’s lives. The Resolution and Empowerment Tapping method was the result. The Box of Inner Secrets was published in 2016 introducing this transformative approach.

Every day I am blown away with the shifts others are making in their lives. It really is true that there are unlimited possibilities waiting at your fingers tips.

Leonie Blackwell

What Will I Receive And Experience?

Leonie Blackwell Short and Sweet Tap along

Short & Sweet Tap-alongs

I will share with you all my favourite tap-along creations where you will be able to tap specific scripts to release issues. These videos will cater for the whole family. Topics will include Tap Bullies Away, Improving Learning Abilities, Multiple Intelligence Skills and Feeling Heartbroken and Unforgivable. 

Making Sense of Your Life: Webinars and Masterclasses

The webinars are going to be meaty and juicy (sorry to all my vegan friends). They will be longer in length and explore how we ended up in the pain we are in and how to get out of it. Topics will include Self-empowerment with Ease, Healing your Inner Saboteur, and Let Me Roar! Oh no, I'm Not Sure I Can. 

The Masterclass topics are going to be a deep dive exploration into the conditioning we are confined by. This isn't going to be all sweet cotton candy! But it is going to be liberating. Topics will include Traumatic Shame, Primal Wounds, Contradicting Beliefs, and Injustice Burnout.

Leonie Blackwell Webinar Masterclass
Leonie Blackwell Surrendering Your Ego

Surrendering Your Ego Tapping Series

Our modern society is filled with big egos. It's encouraged. In fact, without one you often get trodden on. I'm not a fan of this mode of operandi! The reality is we don't know how to find the balance between BIG EGO and submissive whimp. Let's change that!  

 Every week, for a whole year, you will participate in the Surrendering Your Ego series - a journey of humility. It is humility that is the antidote to shame and it is shame that traps us in the swing between ego and servitude. 

'How To' Videos

The one thing I’m really passionate about is helping people ‘fix their stuff’ and while we can share so much in common with our issues sometimes you just need help with your specific experiences. 

For this I’m offering you the opportunity to learn how to write up your own customised scripts with my guidance and then to tap it through a number of How To videos including How to Personalise your  Empowered Tapping Scripts, Being Invincible, Conflict Avoidance and Life During Peri-Menopause. 

Leonie Blackwell How To videos
Leonie BLackwell Tappers Tribe Freedom EFT


This journey in EFT has helped bring me out of a feeling of nothingness into the space where I feel able to continue on my path, wherever it may lead. It has restored my faith in myself and has helped me to see myself with a less harsh lens. For this I am grateful.

Jude Gray, 2010

And that's not all!  There is so much more!

Leonie Blackwell study emotional freedom technique
  1. You will Receive The
    Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner Course!
  1. Learn about tapping like a professional.

$756 Worth Of Content INCLUDED!!

This certified practitioner course provides 54 hours of content and normally the investment is $756.
If you want to complete the course and gain a certification as a practitioner you will be able to purchase the assessment package at any point along the way for $399.

These 6 modules will be released every second month:

Module 1: Introduction to EFT

Topics covered: History of EFT, Energy Psychology, Meridian System, What if EFT isn’t working?, What if you feel worse after tapping?, Psychological Reversal, Neurological Disorganisation and Energy Toxins

Module 2: The Foundation of who we are

Topics covered: Model of Self-Concept, Betrayal of Worth, Inner Child, Inner Adolescent, Overcoming Resistance, Self-sabotage, the Shadow-self, and Injustice of Limitations

Module 3: Let’s get physical

Topics covered: This is a thorough exploration of the function of the physical body and metaphysical concepts. If you have ever wanted to understand the emotional links to physical illnesses this module will shed light on it and provide tapping scripts to transform your health

Module 4: The Soulful Healer

Topics covered: Explores Emotional Intelligence concepts such as Emotional Dimensions, Expression, Resilience, Transformation and the Emotional Self

Module 5: Journey of the Heart

Topics covered: Love, Addictions, Co-dependence, Grief, Loss and Bereavement, and Passion

Module 6: Success & Abundance

Topics covered: Psychological Reversal Advanced Clearing, Illusions, Shame, Success, Moral Development, Crown Chakra Crisis, Science of Cosmology, and Life Purpose and Direction

Live The Life You Have Always Wanted!


The EFT course is a life changing experience. Leonie’s extensive knowledge along with her generous sharing through her own practice makes the teaching and understanding of EFT a positive and empowering experience. We gained meaningful insights and knowledge about our emotional and physical bodies in a caring and fun filled atmosphere, enabling us to absorb the practical techniques successfully enough to become practitioners of a very important and powerful energy healing process that will be the dominant way of the future. 

Christine Gladwell, 2011

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Here is what you receive!

  • Access Tapping  Videos
  • The complete EFT Professional Training Course
  • New Weekly Tap-along videos
  • Live Tapping Sesions
  • Access to webinars and Masterclasses
  • Join our community of Tappers
  • Personalised Tapping 
  • Discounts on courses and webinars

Monthly Access

Every month has new content


Yearly Subscription

A gift to yourself packed filled with life changing gems


 yearly 6

By Popular Demand

Have access to the Tappers Tribe for a lifetime



One off payment 6

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