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Surrendering Your Ego 

Our modern society is filled with big egos. In fact, it's encouraged and without one you often get trodden on. I'm not a fan of this mode of operandi! The reality is we often don't know how to find the balance between BIG EGO and submissive whimp. Yet we search and search for a way. Let's change that!  

Every week, for a whole year, you can participate in the Surrendering Your Ego series - a journey of humility - and really change how you feel about yourself and your experience of the world around you. 

We are being sold pride and ego everywhere we look. But it isn't making our lives more fruitful, productive or enjoyable. That's because an over-inflated sense of self isn't sustainable. In all honesty, we often end up feeling more shame, guilt and blame, not less. It is humility that is the antidote to shame and it is shame that traps us in the swing between ego and servitude. 

Our lives don't have to be so hard but they do have to be real!

Did you know?

There are two processes available to deal with issues of ego.

One described by Eckhart Tolle and Caroline Myss involves detaching from our ego in the form of wants, needs, desires, and dreams. They describe the event as the release of the attachment - the absoluteness of the want, need, desire, or dream. Having gone through the process, our lives change, and we see things differently. Our attention and focus is about not succumbing to the earthy desire again.

The second process is the one that was described hundreds of years ago. It is a lifelong process of peeling away layers of pride to develop our sense of humility. Here we give attention to our daily life, living it consciously and with self-awareness. We seek to learn, change, and develop our humility through twelve steps. It is a process that continues all the days of our life. It is a lifestyle.

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It's like Leonie is reading my mind. Every week the tapping is spot on for what I need. The words are exactly what I think and they are the beliefs I want to let go of. I had tried various ways to shift my thinking but the Empowered Tapping process does all the work for me. I just have to tap and say the words and my brain is shifting the way it thinks and sees the world.

SB  Canada, 2019

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A Message from Leonie Blackwell

I am blessed to share Empowered Tapping with you. I had been asking the Universe for a way to help dissolve emotional patterns after I wrote Making Sense of the Insensible where I first detailed the path of humility. 

I was woken up early on my first morning in Jordan (was there training those who work with refuges about tapping) with the structure of the Empowered Tapping script provided for me. As tired as I was from the flight, I was so excited when I tapped what I had been given and felt the unlocking of beliefs that no longer served me. 

Every day I drew cards from my Box of Inner Secrets and then tapped, using this structure, and was blown away by the changes that occurred in those two weeks. 

I look forward to hearing your experiences through this journey of surrendering your ego.

Leonie Blackwell Realism Mentor

Leonie Blackwell



Isn't that just about being a doormat?

No! Unfortunately, like so many things in our society words get wrongly connected to meaning that aren't the full story. Humility has been associated with subjugation, submissiveness and powerlessness.

But that isn't what humility is.

It's actually what all of us that value self-growth are seeking. 

The 12 Step Plan to Surrender Your Ego

Step 1

Become conscious of your words, deeds, thoughts and actions

  • Become aware of why we act the way we act
  • Become aware of why we think what we think
  • Become aware of why we feel how we feel
  • Become aware of why we do what we do
  • Explore our fears, doubts and insecurities as well as our love, passion, desire and will for what we want

Step 2

Become responsible for all of who we are

  • Accept who we are and its impact on our own life and others
  • Learn that our will and desire does not dictate life here for us or others
  • Begin to share equally in joy, pleasure, hardships and pain
  • Acknowledge our role in everything and acknowledge others role in everything as well
  • Step out of the drama and acknowledge how we control ourselves and others through drama
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Step 3

Acknowledge a higher power

  • Learn that we are not God; we don't decide what is best for others and deem it so
  • Accept that we can't control every event in our life
  • Learn to pray, talk to and seek guidance from God, Spirit, a higher power, or all there is
  • Surrender our will to divine will

Step 4

Patience in enduring difficulties with equanimity

  • Learn to be patient
  • Accept that we do not determine the timing of events
  • Learn the lesson that all things are as they should be in any given moment
  • Learn to endure hard times and still be happy
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Step 5

Self Revelation

  • Face our own imperfections and admit them to those we have hurt because of them
  • Do not seek forgiveness for our imperfections; merely accept our responsibility
  • Accept how others feel about our words, actions and beliefs, and feel how human we really are

Step 6

Contentment with the least of everything

  • Learn how to be grateful for all we have, and let go of the desire for the best and biggest of everything
  • Find joy in the little things in life
  • Learn to value family and friends for who they are, without wanting them to change in ways we desire

Step 7

Awareness of our own liabilities

  • See ourselves as the smallest and most insignificant human on the planet, and enjoy it for what it is
  • Embrace our powerlessness and free ourselves from the fear we will not survive
  • Stop taking everything personally
  • Accept that everything isn't about us
  • Accept that 'deserving' is ego, and there is no such thing as deserving what we get - good, bad, or indifferent

Step 8 

Seek to understand oneness 

  • Learn that we are not alone, that we are not an island
  • Learn that we are not one individual striving to succeed and conquer all others
  • Learn about love. There is no such thing as unconditional love because love is unconditional - anything less, and it is conditional love
  • Develop empathy and compassion for the human reality
  • Embrace the concepts of unity, oneness, connection and harmony as the way of living in our daily life

Step 9

Learn silence and stillness

  • Learn not to advise others on their life
  • Learn to hold our tongue and listen with compassion
  • Even if we know a lot about a topic, practice not sharing this information as an expert
  • Stop Idle chatter
  • Learn to be peaceful in thought, feeling and actions
  • Develop a balance in our use of energy

Step 10

Avoidance of laughter

  • Stop dismissing things that matter to us and others
  • Stop making jokes at others expense or our own
  • Stop minimising ours and others hurts and pains
Image by Christian Dorn from Pixabay

Step 11

Gravity of speech

  • Use fewer words when we speak
  • Only say what must be said
  • Speak softly, clearly, and concisely
  • Step out of the mindless story telling and do not repeat rumours and untruths
  • Never gossip

Step 12


  • Be humility in body and heart - in all that is said or done
  • Surrender the need to be seen to be humble
  • Accept that we don't define ourselves as humble, but others see us as humble in our words and actions

The Surrendering Your Ego Series provides you

with a tapping script for each of these 12 steps. 

It truly is a year of transformation!

Leonie BLackwell Tappers Tribe Freedom EFT


I am so glad I found Leonie's Empowered Tapping. I love tapping and had used the traditional EFT for years. But I didn't get the results I do now with this tapping. Every script is like she is inside my head, hearing my thoughts. It makes for powerful transformations and I love how I feel afterwards.

Maureen Dodson, 2019

Tap Into Your Potential Today!

What is Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique is known as Tapping. Over the years many people have adapted the method of tapping on meridian points and called them by various names. I am the founder of Empowered Tapping.

Tapping is a healing process where, using your pointer and middle fingers, you tap on specific meridian points while stating your issue.

How does Tapping work?

There are four ways that tapping on meridian points creates change in the body:

  • Clears energetic blocks in the meridian system
  • Changes the biochemistry of the body by reducing cortisol levels by 24%
  • Directly on gene expression by switching off the gene for PTSD
  • Rewiring the neural pathways allowing for permanent changes in beliefs

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Receive one tapping session per week for 52 weeks! Normally... 


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