Reshaping Body & Mind


A 12 Week Tapping Series 

Been there, done that before...

We have all tried dieting and detox programs before and at first we succeed and then we put the weight back on and slip back into eating junky foods. Deep down we know it’s because of how we think and feel. To alter this you have to use a technique that changes your thinking.  This Reshaping Your Body & Mind 12 Week Tapping Series will change and dissolve patterns that have previously plagued you. 

It is life altering!

Tapping is fast becoming the number one tool everyone is using to change their lives. The beauty of the process is that you feel an immediate shift in your thinking, stress levels decrease, in fact we know that your cortisol levels will drop by 24%, and as you sleep your brain will re-wire itself ensuring that your new, healthier, and more productive way of thinking will replace old habits. It also means that how you treat and perceive of yourself  change and it will be long lasting. The Empowered Tapping Process specifically unlocks you from the addictive (a.k.a. repeating) patterns.

In this program you will participate in 12 sessions where you will learn:

  • How and where to tap
  • You will tap-along with Leonie for each topic and receive copies of all scripts

  • How to personalise tapping scripts to unlock yourself from the yo-yo process of weight loss and gain

  • Specific tapping scripts will remove patterns of self-sabotage, unhealthy habits and sugar and fat cravings and so much more...


Reshaping Body & Mind

12 week Tapping Series

3 Easy Monthly Payments


Reshaping Body & Mind

12 week Tapping Series


$AU120One payment 6

Hi I'm Leonie Blackwell and I can't wait to share this with you...


Anyone who knows me knows I practice on me before doing anything to others. So I’ve done all these tapping scripts multiple times and I’ve loved the change. 

I know tapping works, I've been using it for 17 years now but I'm still forever in awe of the shifts it creates. And this has been no different. What has totally spun me out is, not only has the tapping impacted on my food and drinking choices, but changed the way I relate to others and myself. 

The “Breaking Patterns of Self-sabotage” tapping script is life altering. The order of the tapping scripts peels off our layers bit by bit and enables us to go deeper and deeper into our patterns letting them go gently and with great ease.

This Reshaping Body and Mind Tapping Series forms part of my Good Food Good Habits Weight Loss program. But I think it can be used in conjunction with anyone's weight loss, exercise  and detox program. It will complement whatever else you are doing to help yourself be your best, physically, emotionally and cognitively. 

Let me just say this about the accumulative effect of the 12 weeks of tapping:

  • It stops you using your weight as a weapon against yourself.
  • It stops you berating your body with foods that make you feel like crap.
  • And it makes feeding yourself only what you need and what makes you feel awesome super easy.

"When I started this program I was a cynic. Lifelong habits were well and truly set in and I didn't think I could get success losing weight. But the tapping made me aware of the link between emotions and food choice and therefore what and why I was eating. It has even changed what foods I like and dislike now.

After 12 weeks I'm a believer. I would definitely recommend the tapping to anyone who wants to change their relationship to food and become more aware of their emotions and how they affect you and your life. That's what I gained from participating in the course."

Tammy Somerville

What are the tapping themes each week? 

Week 1: General Clearing

It helps to remove your blocks to the process of changing your habits.

Week 2: Get Moving

It helps to motivate you to move your body, be that exercise or stretchers.

Week 3: Clearing Self-sabotage 

It helps to dissolve your patterns of self-sabotage.

Week 4: Sweets Craving 

It helps to break your sweet-chocolate-sugar cravings.

Week 5: Fatty, Junkie, Salty Tapping 

It helps to break your fatty, junky and salty food cravings.

Week 6: Cave-in 

It helps to disconnect from those weak moments when you cave-in to your cravings.

Week 7: Clearing Body Shame 

It helps to remove deeply unconscious patterns of shame.

Week 8: Unstuck Tapping 

It helps to unlock your desire to be naughty and give in to your yearnings.

Week 9: Messages in my Mind  

It helps to identify and give up the tricks your mind plays on you.

Week 10: Body Function 

It helps to improve the function of your major glands and sleep cycle.

Week 11: Body Energy 

It helps to increase the effective flow of energy through your body.

Week 12: Social Settings 

It helps to support your choices and manage social events with ease.

"I felt very confident that I could let go of my cravings with Leonie's tapping scripts as she has previously helped me in other aspects of my life. The most obvious shift was my chocolate cravings where now I can eat a small amount of chocolate and not even want to over eat it anymore.

After 12 weeks I feel a lot better and healthier. I am certainly choosing healthier options and have cut down on the amount of processed foods I eat. I would definitely recommend the tapping to others, not just for weight loss, but for any other aspect of your life where you want to change your beliefs."

Maree Follett

Reshaping Body & Mind

12 week Tapping Series

3 Easy Monthly Payments


Reshaping Body & Mind

12 week Tapping Series


$AU120One Payment 6

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