Renew Your Soul Healing Retreat

A Journey of Initiation into the Heart of the Himalaya's with Leonie Blackwell  

Leonie Blackwell Renew Your Soul Healing Retreat

Would you like to immerse yourself in a Healing Retreat with a difference?

Join me on a Journey of Self-discovery in the breathtaking landscapes of Ladakh and be introduced to the very heart of Tibetan traditions. 

August 24 - September 10, 2020

This trip is open to anyone interested in life-changing experiences immersed in Tibetan traditions!

I attended a Law of Attraction Masterclass where Naomi Janzen shared her favourite technique called Universal Grant Application. It resonated with me big time. I headed home and proceeded to write up my grant application to the universe. I wrote down all the things I loved and how I would serve the Universe manifesting them and put it aside. Ten days later I received a phone call from Omalaya Travel asking if I would be interested in... and the words were just what I'd written in my grant application! I replied...I think I am interested!

I read the available tours I could select from  and I tingled when I perused the Ladakh trip. I just knew that was the one. 

It was a 'real build it and they will' come experience leading up to the retreat. But this retreat was not all that came from the grant application. I had written The Box of Inner Secrets and just needed a publisher. That came too!

I love helping people heal. I love travelling to foreign lands and discovering new cultures and people. I love connecting people with their inner truth. This retreat brings everything I love into one place. 

It is my absolute pleasure to have you join me on this journey.

Leonie Blackwell

Author & Retreat Coordinator 

Leonie Blackwell Renew Your Soul Retreat Ladakh

Omalaya Travel arranges the most incredible experiences...

Submerge yourself in Tibetan Culture

Participate in a monastic protection ritual to allow you to overcome your fears and suffering

A holistic consultation with an Amchi, doctor of Tibetan medicine

A shamanic session and a Tibetan astrology reading

Learn about the making of Tibetan prayer flags and Tibetan incense

Leonie Blackwell Renew Your Soul Tibetan Flags

Open your Heart to Tibetan Life

Visit a Tibetan Children’s Village School

Make a tsa-tsa to cleanse all negative energy

Visit a local family and try Chang Beer

Learn the practice of chod—a ritual to reduce attachment to the ego

Leonie Blackwell Renew Your Soul Mask Dance Ladakh

Be part of something more!

Receive a teaching from a Yogi on the Chenrezig Mantra—the manifestation of all Buddhas’ love and infinite compassion for all beings

Spend time preserving fruits and vegetables for the Tingmosgang nuns

Visit the Taj Mahal and Red Fort

Leonie Blackwell Renew Your Soul Tingmosgang Nunnery

This magical and transformative tour of Ladakh is an amazing journey of self-discovery not to be missed.

Leonie Blackwell Healing Retreat Testimonial Kelly Abela

Kelly Abela, 2016

"A Trip of a Lifetime"

I felt blessed and honoured to be able to be on this journey of inner healing. The tour guides were wonderful caring and compassionate. I loved every minute of the trips they took us on, always very well organised and flexible if we requested to go somewhere else. Leonie’s healing work was amazing; helping to uncover unhealed emotions and feelings​ and giving us a tool in which we can take home to continue our journey. She always delivered her program with love and compassion. I felt the two went very well together – discovering this beautiful place Ladakh, while at the same time uncovering the inner me!! 

Thank you so much.

Healing Sessions

Leonie Blackwell Box of Inner Secrets

Inner Secrets Sessions

Beginning on Day 3 and concluding on Day 11 I will run a one hour session each morning. It explores my Box of Inner Secrets - how and why it works - and concludes with a group tapping. The purpose of these sessions is to inform and empower you to peel away the layers of unproductive emotional responses to enable you to unlock your most powerful self and become clear about how you want to live your life. 

Being in a supportive environment and away from the busyness of your daily life, it is a wonderful time to focus on you and release old patterns and hurts that are no longer serving you.

The Resolution and Empowering Tapping Scripts are gentle yet powerful in enabling your brain to disconnect from the hamster wheel of repeating thoughts and themes that limit and restrict your interpretations, motivations and choices each day. I will help you gain the most out of your use of the Box of Inner Secrets and highly recommend you bring your copy with you.

There will be time for you to reflect and dive deeper into your inner world to fully release aspects of your life you no longer wish to support.

Create Your Greatness

I will run three one and a half hour sessions on Days 4, 7 and 10. These are filled with activities and opportunities for self-reflection to assist you in identifying who you really are, what matters most to you and how you can express more of all of that in your daily life. Each session will have at least one group tapping, if not two.

The Transformation Possible From All Sessions Includes:

  • check
    Resolving fears related to worth, respect, support, safety, security, belonging and approval
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    Resolving past hurts about feeling unloved, unaccepted and unimportant
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    Freeing yourself from your limitations
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    Identifying your true self and asking you to commit to honouring it
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    An invitation to allow yourself to shine

Lily Young Ten


I highly recommend the Renew Your Soul Healing Retreat as it's an invitation to learn how to function in a practical way through examples of common and real issues we all face. I was empowered with knowledge to find ways to heal myself. The Inner Secrets and Create Your Greatness courses were geared to identify what is blocking us and provided usable tools for successful results. Leonie is a living example of what she teaches and is so passionate and authentic. We leave the retreat with a genuine sense of ‘Yes We Can’ optimism and realistic views of ourselves and our lives. Thank you

Leonie Blackwell Renew Your Soul Tibetan Children


As you walk off the plane and breathe in the fresh clean air of the Himalayas the first thing you sense is the love and compassion. The air is filled with a sense of peace. It feels like you could reach out and touch the unconditionality. It's so different from the world you have left behind, the safety envelopes you and there is this instant relaxation in the very core of your being.

Leonie Blackwell Connection Renew Your Soul


We are all one is the living truth in a Buddhist society and it's not limited to human beings. The interdependency and interconnectedness that is the basis of life is lived and breathed each day. The sacred value of all living beings is on display and supports and encourages you to expand your acts of kindness, open your heart and have compassion for all.

Leonie Blackwell Culture Tree of Life Renew Your Soul Retreat


Submerging in the culture of the Ladakhi people and Tibetan refugees who have helped make Leh known as Little Tibet you enter a world of tradition, mystery and resilience. The gentleness and kindness shown is heart warming and enticing. There is a reverence within your inner being that allows a shedding of your self-protecting persona as you embrace the truth of who you have always been.


Wanting to experience the people we stay in clean, comfortable basic accommodation.

We have:
3 nights in a 5 star hotel in Delhi
8 nights in a Guesthouse in Leh
3 nights in a 2 star hotel in Tingmosgang
2 night in a 5 star hotel in Agra

A real highlight is getting to know the beautiful family at the guesthouse and learning about the history of Ladakh. It really feels like home.

Leonie Blackwell Renew Your Soul Churpon Guesthouse

The Cuisine

Leonie Blackwell Renew Your Soul Tibetan Food
Leonie Blackwell Renew Your Soul Tibetan Food

The most common question is - what is the food like?

The simplest answer is - yummy!

It's not too spicy unless you order it that way. There is Western food available at the restaurants so you can have your toasted sandwich if you so desire.

Chicken is the main meat and there are plenty of vegetable options. Noodles, rice and local made breads that are really enjoyable, are the main grains. Apricots, banana and apples are the key fruits. 

At the home visit we get to experience local made barley beer - Chang - and dried ground barley with roasted barley. 

There's no fancy gourmet coffee but there are lots of herbal teas. Breakfast is the local version of porridge or toast with eggs. 

You won't go hungry!

Heather Hastings Testimonial

Visiting 'Little Tibet' in the Himalaya's was an eye-opening experience. Each day we participated in Leonie’s Inner Secrets tapping sessions providing us with an opportunity examine our inner world, release and leave behind unwanted baggage.

The daily activities blended beautifully with the inner secret themes and our guide and drivers were always on hand to assist us in every way possible.
This wasn’t your ordinary tourist trip but a totally memorable adventure to a very special place

Heather Hastings, 2018

Michael Smith Testimonial

This retreat to Ladakh was extremely worthwhile. It was indeed a journey of self-discovery. Leonie was incredible to say the least in all aspects, from her humour to assisting each of us to deal with our emotional responses to organising the group, drivers and guide. The daily activities were informative and insightful of Tibetan Life. The drivers and guide were always willing to assist us, nothing was too much to ask. The family at the Guesthouse were constantly attentive and pleasant. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you Leonie for your time, effort and understanding.

Namaste, light and love

Michael Smith, 2018

Carolyn Cottier Testimonial

I started out just wanting to go on this retreat as a 50th birthday present as well as ticking off one of my dreams of spending time with Buddhist nuns. By the time the retreat was ready to leave I was just as excited by the Inner Secret work. What I experienced was life changing. I felt a deep sense of purpose with the Tingmosgang nuns and Tibetan Children's Village School.  

If you want to experience something you have never experienced before this is definitely the place you get to feel uplifted - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It was a trip of one highlight after another. It was incredible and to finish it off at the Taj Mahal was the cherry on the top.

Carolyn Cottier, 2018

Should we talk about the toilets?

I won't pretend that the "local" toilets aren't an experience, because they are. We are in a third world country after all. At our accommodation and each restaurant we eat at has Western style flushing toilets. In the Leh town centre there is also modern toilets. But there may be times when local-local squat toilets are the only option. There are what they call Western squat toilets as well - they have a porcelain bowl in the floor that you squat over.

It is strongly recommended that you pack hand sanitizer, hand wipes and your own toilet paper because there is not always running water to wash your hands afterwards and no toilet roll holders in the local toilets.

What's included?

Accommodation in a double room - twin share - throughout the itinerary

Full board throughout your stay in Ladakh

Breakfasts in Delhi

Round-trip flights between Delhi and Leh

The assistance of an English speaking guide throughout the trip

All transfers to/from airport and accommodation

All transportation throughout the itinerary

Entry fees to all sites

Visitor permits to certain regions of Ladakh with restricted entry

Leonie Blackwell Renew Your Soul Leh Airport

What's Not Included?

Leonie Blackwell Renew Your Soul Healing Retreat Flight

International fights to and from Delhi

Visa fees

Cancellation/travel insurance
Meals in Delhi  and Agra(except breakfast)
Tips for guides and drivers
The Box of Inner Secrets

The Renew Your Soul Retreat held by Leonie Blackwell and organised in conjunction with Omalaya Travel was a well organised trip. The hotels we stayed in were very comfortable while the guesthouse gave us a real insight into daily living standards. The daily tours were outstanding and the guides’ knowledge was excellent. I cannot speak more highly of my experience of the Omalaya staff - drivers and guide - and my co-travellers who all took great care of me. Great fun was had by all, with some fantastic experiences being had.

The visit to the Tibetan Children’s Village School was eye opening. I learned so much about what the Tibetan people are up against. The opportunity to present how to use the Days for Girls packs to over 300 girls provided me with an incredible sense of personal satisfaction. Another real highlight of the trip was visiting the Tingmosgang nunnery showing them how to pickle vegetables.

This was a fantastic trip that blended giving back to the Tibetan people as much as we received in their teachings, kindness and generosity.
Keep up the great work Leonie.

Lorraine Forsyth, 2018

Lorraine Forsyth Testimonial


I will coordinate flights to and from India with the best airline based on flight times and price. If you wish to arrange your own flights you can. You need to arrive in Delhi on Tuesday August 25. We fly to Leh very early Wednesday morning. We leave Delhi on Wednesday September 9. Please be aware that we will leave on the 24th of August from Australia and arrive back in Australia on the 1oth of September.

I will need your flight details to arrange for you to be picked up if you arrive at a different time to the rest of us.

Leonie Blackwell Dalai Lama

How much ?

Approximately $AU 5,250

The 16 days with Omalaya Travel costs $AU 3,320 estimated per person twin share.

Return International Flights cost about $AU 1,000 plus visa $90 and travel insurance will vary to the individual.

Tips: $AU 200 

Spending money: $AU 500+

Inner Secrets Sessions: Pay from the Heart

(there is no fee included in the retreat for the daily sessions I run. You have the opportunity to offer something at the end of the trip, if you wish.)

For more information email Leonie at
Leonie Blackwell Tibetan Temple

Essence of Healing Institute