Tap Bullies Away


Welcome, Tap Bullies Away helps people recover from the negative effects of bullying.

If you’re reading this welcome message then it’s probably because your child has been, or is being bullied, and you want to do something to help them. You can see the impact it is having on them every day and you want to help them get over the experience and once again be your beautiful, happy little girl or boy you love so very much.

Bullying has happened in every generation, but today it seems that it is happening at younger ages, and because of social media, to be present twenty-four hours a day. If this is happening to your child and you don’t know how to handle it, the solution lays at your fingertips and theirs as well.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple, easy, and highly effective technique you can use with your child every day or just when you feel they need to build their resilience and emotional muscle.

There are two protocols –
• The Bully Protocol which helps them deal with the bullying.
• The Victim Protocol helps them release the distress from being bullied.

Both should be used to clear the experiences they have had.

I would suggest you tap each statement with your child on each point. If there is something they specifically want to say about how they are feeling or what has happened to them let them tell you their story as you tap on each point together.

If you are here for your teenager or yourself the version for young adults can be tapped along with the video on their own.

Print off the PDF of the script and tap it at the end of the day to release any experiences had.



What do you receive?

There are:

Two Tap-along videos with a downloadable PDF Tapping Script for each:

  1. Tap Bullies Away for Primary Aged Children
  2. Tap Bullies Away for Teenagers and Adults

The PDF Tapping Scripts allows you to tap the script every day or as often as you need to.

There is also an audio album with the audio of the video that you can download and keep on your computer or in the VLC app on your iPad.


I have used this Tapping and my daughter and I love it. It has helped a lot: me in my everyday life and my daughter at school. Thanks xx               Posted on Twitter

I have been using the victim protocol for 3 days and I am beginning to feel happy. I now realise how much being bullied influences how I relate to all people. Being free of this influence is going to change everything. Highly recommended!

I would recommend this Tapping Script to any parents of young children, teenagers or even adults who have experienced bullying and the distress associated with it. Just follow along with Leonie, say the statements and tap bullies away. I tapped the full script and felt an immediate reduction in the emotional charge that comes with feeling like a victim. It works for bullying issues…past or present and did I mention how easy it is to do!

I recommend Tap Bullies Away to anyone who is trying to find ways to cope with bullying, with feeling like a victim, or the actual bullying person. It could save a kids life – well done to Leonie Blackwell on bringing this world first script on bullying to life. It’s going to make a huge impact.


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