Moon Cycle Journaling

A Course of Self-Mastery

One of the common purposes of life is to understand our true nature. To be human is to embrace our authentic-self. Yet growing up provides challenges as we seek to have our needs met, we make our sense of self pliable. We suppress our essential-self at best and more often, turn our true natures into a flaw.
So then, how do we understand who we are if we have adapted, merged and dissipated ourselves to meet our needs to be loved, belong and be worthy?

"By understanding your true nature and the influences on your daily life

this moon cycle journaling becomes a powerful mechanism of self-discovery."

Moon Cycle Journaling provides you with an opportunity to...

  • Recognise patterns
  • Become conscious of your emotional responses to triggers
  • Make choices to manage triggers differently
  • Feel more in control of your life
  • Become more grounded and centred
  • Live your life how you want
  • Become the captain of your own ship
  • Stop feeling like a victim to fate or invisible forces
  • Make the unknown known to you
  • Stop beating yourself for 'forgetting' things that are actually part of a cycle
  • Learn to recognise the energy shifts influencing your daily life
  • Learn how to work with your conscious and unconscious needs to help you understand your interpretations of events

"Feeling so much more calm now!"

"Moon Journaling has shown me the patterns of emotions I felt powerless too. My confusion has diffused each month as I can see links between planets, signs, houses and my personal life experiences.

Now I can move through my feelings more calmly and gracefully. I'm not feeling so out of control or crazy. It's so empowering to finally make sense of my emotional world"

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Super Scorpio

Consider these questions...

  • Do you feel pushed around by unseen forces?
  • Would you like to recognise the energy for what it is and make a choice what to do with that energy?
  • Would you like to have the navigational tools to be the curator of your life?
  • Do you really want to manage your life consciously and effectively?
Find Your Inner Guru

Your opportunity to master your life awaits!

If you can, the ideal time to start is either on a new moon or a full moon but really there are no rules!

Moon Cycle Journaling really is as simple and easy as...

Month One:

Data Collection

Month Two:

Data Evaluation

Month Three:

Change Implementation

Month Four:

Sustainable Growth

"No more crazy feelings here!"

"I'd felt like I was having these massive mood swings before I signed up for this Moon Cycle Journaling course. But it wasn't just my emotions that felt unbridled, I noticed my craving for food and alcohol became intense and unrelenting sometimes. I really was questioning my ability to navigate my daily life and I wasn't liking it. 

I just loved that I didn't have to DO anything other than collect data in the first month. I already felt overwhelmed and like a failure so been given permission to just observe was liberating. The step-by-step process makes it all so easy. The templates, reference guide and instructions helped me to gain the most out of this process. It's one that I can now use on an on-going basis. This really is a tool for life."

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Simone S

Message from Leonie Blackwell

This has been one of the most exciting discoveries in my self-growth journey. I had been noticing these patterns and I couldn't figure out where they stemmed from. I'd tapped every aspect of my feelings of frustration, annoyance and sense of being out of control and still the patterns continued. I couldn't see the internal triggers and I'd run out of external things to tap on. I'd questioned if it was the full moon and then a new moon. Nope! Couldn't narrow down the pattern. Now I was just mad. I felt battered by this insurgence of forces that overrode my intentions. It just felt unfair and every time I tried to talk to someone all I got was that it was my fault, "I clearly hadn't sorted my issues thoroughly enough." I stopped wanting to talk to people who just judged my experiences without offering suggestions or insights to what I was feeling. 

And then by chance I noticed in an app that my moon was in a different house to what the astrologists were talking about in their daily posts and this got me wondering. I watched what happened each day and where the moon was for me.

Bam! There was a pattern. The events that felt unexpected where no longer unexpected. They happened at a certain time each month. I was on to something here and I was excited. 

The result of my journey is the Moon Cycle Journaling. This course is sharing with you the exact process I went through to discover my personal reality. It is the ultimate self-mastery course because it is an intimately personal experience. 

Leonie Blackwell

"OMG! Life is making sense!"

"Leonie had been sharing with me her discoveries and it just seemed so different. I was like 'what are you doing?' Then as the months went on I saw the changes as she managed the energies influencing her and was wanting in and said, 'when can I learn to do this?'

I've discovered explanations to how I feel I'd never dreamed of. I'm loving how more in control I feel as things make more sense to me now. My tapping is focused as I use the energy when it is ripe and as a result I feel like I'm delving more deeply into myself to discover more of who I am. This really is about self-mastery. But it's just so easy and simple. It's like all the hard work has been taken out of the equation because it's so personal to me."

Leonie Blackwell Tappers Tribe Testimonial Erin Richardson

Erin Richardson

Your opportunity to master your life awaits!

If you can, the ideal time to start is either on a new moon or a full moon but really there are no rules!

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