Do you want to understand yourself more deeply?

Emotionally? Psychologically? Physically? Spiritually?

But you're confused by all the ideas out there in the self-help industry, especially when these experts tell you they have all the answers.

It makes you wonder if you can trust your intuition and your body as your guide to wellness. 

It seems like everyone else is perfect. 

It has worked for all of them. They've all implemented the right and perfect ways.

They could do it. 

It's only you that is failing at this thing called Life.  

Internalising the comparison you doubt in yourself. You deeply feel there is something wrong with you, like you ARE the problem. 

Your gut-churning fear is that no one can help you... YOU CAN'T BE HELPED. 

People tend to gravitate towards me to share their story, to feel safe and nurtured and to help them make sense of their lives.

What I offer, who I am, and how I show up in the world means that I engage:

With compassion and empathy

Knowing the process of change, growth and healing

And being able to hold a safe and nurturing space that allows you to surrender into and through your vulnerability to discover your true self. 

My approach to discovering who we are is realistic, practical and empowering.

To work with me you have to be aligned to the following ideas that:

Healing occurs in a linear manner.

This step by step process is done at your own pace according to your personal story and it takes as long as it takes.

Emotions have a purpose. 

All emotions have a purpose and the body is the messenger.

Brain Development is sequential

Experiences at certain ages of your life lead to specific outcomes that can be understood and then healed.

Healing comes through surrender

It is through surrendering into your vulnerability that your healing will be birthed. You know there will be times it will be challenging and sometimes you will resist but it is all part of the process that you embrace with bravery, boldness and enthusiasm.

This trip to Ladakh has been a real emotional journey for me. Leonie’s sessions have certainly helped to shift some stuff and I can’t wait to use the Box of Inner Secrets cards and tapping scripts to keep working through things. The activities have been fantastic. It’s very hard to put into words how this trip has changed me and willed me to go on to become the real me! I highly recommend it! Thank you Leonie.

DR. Australia
Retreat Participant

Essence of Healing Institute Book Testimonial

If I have something bothering me I just open your book - Making Sense of the Insensible - to the section that relates and read your words. My stress melts away and I feel calm as I realise why I have felt like I did. Then I get on with my life feeling free and joyous again.  

KH - Victoria Australia

Essence of Healing Institute Barbara Jinks Testimonial

I completed the Holistic Flower Essence course in 2001. I just loved it. I learnt so much about myself and others through Leonie’s story-telling. She has created an amazing course that reflects her wide breadth of experience. Her love of the essences and deep knowing of their power to heal the most traumatic of experiences inspires us all. Leonie is a special kind of teacher because she brings you in contact with yourself while supporting your compassion for the humanity in us all.  

Barb Jenkins - Practitioner Course Grad

When we work together we commit to a journey. We are in partnership. I am the guide as I know the process. But I cater for your individual needs. No two journeys are the same; they each have their own nuances. Yet all journeys share a common path.”

The 4 phases of the Healing Journey are:

The Desert Phase

This ain't pretty. It's the hard slog and it often feels slow. 

The Jungle Phase

This is the deep dive part of really digging in and changing patterns. 

The Savannah Phase

This stage invites restoration, evaluation and recalibration of who you are and where you are heading. 

The Mountain Phase

This stage finds your on-going growth through expansion and thriving to re-define further all you are capable of being.  

By embracing the healing journey - the lessons, healing and growth you evolve through - it provides life skills that are applicable to every scenario you face in your day to day life. 

When you are empowered by the reality of your life, able to accept things as they are, you let go of the drama trapping you in repeating patterns.  

You create real change that is sustainable and long lasting.  

This allows you to really step into your most treasured and desired life; a life you had previously only dreamed of.  

Embracing this new space you have a refreshing relationship with yourself and this influences your relationships with others.  

You are grounded, present, aware and whole. It feels good.  

You know that success for you is about personal growth and the ever-evolving sense of who you are as you mature into new experiences forever expanding your understanding of self and others.

Life is an adventure filled with fun, love and laughter.

So it's decision time.

Are you DONE?

Are you SICK and TIRED... enough...of your current life? 

Are you done feeling...





flawed and faulty? 

And are you ready to do the serious work to be...





Have you done everything else, spending thousands of dollars and it hasn't worked?

But you are now ready for what will work... 

Then there are a number of ways we can work together...pick your option(s)

Work With Me

If you are looking for an emotional wellness coach to really dig into the sticky spots that are holding you back and change up your life then you're looking for my No BS!!! Only Real Practical Solutions Program. (Click Here)

Study With Me

If you love to learn through courses that have you exploring yourself, using the modality and sharing it with friends and family then you'll love what I have to offer here as you can also become a practitioner. Check out my Holistic Flower Essence Therapy (Click Here) and Empowered Realism Mentor (Click Here) accredited practitioner training. 

Learn With Me

If emotional and mental health are of key importance to you then you will find something here.  I have short courses using Empowered Tapping (Click on the title) such as:

If you would like to join a tribe of tappers and participate in monthly classes you'll want to check out my Tappers Tribe (Click Here).  

Immerse With Me

If you love combining deep dive healing retreats with time away from normal life you'll love my in-person Inner Secrets Retreats (Click Here) held in various locations in Australia and Overseas. 

If you want to immerse in my work start by reading my books - Making Sense of the Insensible and The Box of Inner Secrets. (Click the titles).  

I'm looking forward to meeting you, Leonie xxx


Leonie makes you feel "it's OK to have feelings, be human and have baggage" and that we can work with it and still grow and blossom. She has a way of making everyone feel nurtured, at ease and at no point did I ever feel judged. Yet she has a way of dishing out the hard truth without sending everyone running out the door or fighting over the box of tissues. Leonie sees life like nobody I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. To realise how others treat us and how we treat others and ourselves is an amazing insight and something all of us need to learn. Thank you so much.  

 Amanda Walsh Workshop Participant

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