Effortless Forgiveness

The number one thing you have to understand about forgiveness, you will discover in this 5 part series!

Do you feel frustrated and annoyed with yourself because you believe you should be able to forgive someone even if they betrayed or hurt you but you can’t?

Are you stuck in the pain of the past?

Do you feel like the hurt is cemented in your mind, cycling constantly, building resentment and trapping you in your inability to forgive?

What if I told you that forgiveness is the most natural thing we do.

You don’t have to berate and punish yourself for not forgiving someone.

There are actually five reasons you can’t forgive someone:

Reason 1: You want to avoid conflict

Reason 2: You are trying to live your life according to someone else's ideals 

Reason 3: You are harbouring emotions that block you from moving on

Reason 4: You aren't sure of how to create real change

Reason 5: You don't know how to forgive yourself

Once you work through these reasons you naturally forgive.

The Effortless Forgiveness Series takes you through each reason helping you understand what is blocking you and using Empowered Tapping you move from where you are now to where you want to be.

Conflict Avoidance

In this webinar you will explore how your hurt has locked you into patterns that keep you avoiding confronting your fears. The Empowered Tapping will liberate you to deal with your past differently.

Disentangling From Guru Imitation

In this webinar you will explore how you may be taking on the beliefs of others that are not a true reflection of your own. This is often why your life isn't working and you can't forgive with ease. The Empowered Tapping will enable you to connect to your truth.

Emotional Harbouring

In this webinar you will explore how harbouring emotions from resentment to hurt to shame and betrayal through to the over-attachment to the rules, conditions and expectations you have on how things are 'meant-to-be' block forgiveness. The Empowered Tapping will assist you in letting go of what no longer serves you.

Agent of Change

Forgiveness is so much easier when things have changed - improved, or being resolved. In this webinar you will explore the importance of taking action on what can be changed. This Empowered Tapping is full of 'motivating' statements! 

Self Forgiveness

 In this webinar you will explore the many reasons you can’t forgive yourself; to forgive the choices you have made, the situations you found yourself in, for being a child and not knowing any different, for trusting someone, for not picking up the signs, for having to learn a lesson, for your own expectations, rules and conditioning and the huge impact adultifying your child-self has on keeping you locked in self-blame, self-loathing and self-reproach. The Empowered Tapping will be life changing.

A message from Leonie Blackwell

Leonie Blackwell Realism Mentor

There's not much about my life that has run in a straight line, despite my great declarations at 4 and even 15. I had my direction all planned out back then and what happened was life. 

It is through living the life that was presented to me and not the one I had all planned out that I found my calling as a patternologist and a lover of emotional wellness. 

What truly makes us unique as human beings, is we have an enormous capacity to feel. Because we have never lived in a generation that was taught how to effectively manage our emotional world we experience overwhelming confusion trying to make sense of our lives. Too often it just feels downright unfair. We harbour emotional resentment and get stuck in our pain. Forgiveness is a challenge. But not impossible.

I created this series because I wanted to share an honest, truly human process of forgiveness. I believe that to forgive is the most natural thing we know to do. We don't have to force it. As I have healed my heartache and sorrow I have found forgiveness without effort. You too can also find effortless forgiveness. 

Previously I've just ended up feeling like I'm a terrible person for not being able to forgive someone. But doing this course I felt validated and  more able to take the steps to let go of old pain. The tapping made it so much easier. 

SS, Australia 

Leonie BLackwell Tappers Tribe Freedom EFT

The tapping is so spot on and I love that I can add in my personal experiences to help me peel away some deeper, more personal layers. Each webinar got me thinking and opened my mind  up to explore my experiences more thoroughly.  Totally worth doing.

JD, Australia

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