In Crazy Times We Have to Trust Our Inner Knowing

I became a member of Amnesty International over 20 years ago because I recognised that if I lived in any other country I would be one of those people who Amnesty would be trying to protect. I know that if I lived in a country that was ruled by a dictator, that was corrupt, that destroyed human freedoms, I would be in prison at best, dead, raped, or tortured at worse.

Hey don’t get me wrong, I don’t go looking for trouble. I’m not an antagonist. In fact, I try reeeeeallly hard to keep my mouth shut. I try not to speak up. I keep my mouth shut for as long as I can. But then it just comes at me.

Last week I posted on my Facebook page some observations comparing childhood lessons from the 1960’s and now in 2020. The point was to allow those who read them to decide for themselves what it meant. The only thing I stated was the number of vaccines available and I got that information from Google. The page got tagged by Facebook.

You have to be frickin’ kidding me.

Up to that point I hadn’t posted anything, as much as I knew many people were hoping I would. But I knew trolls were out there. I knew Big Brother was watching anyone who thought, posted or expressed an opinion other than the one those in control wanted out there.

When they tagged me it didn’t make me want to shrink back. It made mad me. My sole thought was ‘I’ve tried to be good. Now you’ve pissed me off!’

When I was still at Uni there was a shift in the types of subjects that would be available to students in the future. I was majoring in Politics. We were the last group to be qualified politics teachers. The belief at the time was that because voting was compulsory we didn’t NEED to EDUCATE students about the political system. AKA let them be manipulated by media and political propaganda.

Then, before I left the noble profession of teaching, the system changed again, in many ways. One of them was to end teaching critical thinking. AKA let’s make sure people don’t know how to think for themselves.

The illogical justifications rampaging our TV screens during the coronavirus pandemic is simply gob smacking!

Advertisements telling us that we are staying home to…protect our health system. Eh? I thought we were trying to protect the vulnerable members of our society.

Government restrictions that start with closing schools and ending with closing access to aged care facilities. Yet if children get coronavirus they have minimal symptoms and survive. In the meantime, the elderly are more likely to die. And they talk about opening up access to aged care facilities while delaying schools returning to normal functioning. If the risk of dying from the virus is the real motivation for government decisions what would you be deciding?

Then there is the …I don’t even know what you call it… but when people start repeating ideas that make no sense at all, as if they are truth… all I know to do is slap my head.

Last week I was told that ‘all children are carriers of coronavirus because they ALL have it.’ What? How? Think about it. To have a virus you have to have been exposed to it.

The Hon. Minister for Health Greg Hunt announced last week that there are 500 people in Australia with the virus but we don’t know who they are. If we all download the tracking app we will find them. Huh? How does he know there are exactly 500 people? Why isn’t it 450? Or 601?

Even more interesting, if the virus spreads so frickin’ quickly how have these 500 people not caused massive spikes in numbers?

I’m not saying the virus doesn’t exist. I’m sure it does.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t care about the elderly or the most vulnerable of our society. We totally should.

I’d love to see a healthier society. Good food habits. Drinking more water. More organically sourced foods. The end of GMO foods (OMG, could we please do something about that?).

I’d love to see more harmony. More love. More peace. More kindness.

I’d love to see less blame. Less scapegoating. Less violation of our rights to privacy, freedom and choice.

I get that the world feels scary. I get that as one person it feels like you can’t stop all the wrong in the world. Goodness knows the world feels unsafe, overwhelming and confusing right now.

But no one can take away your right to think for yourself.

No one can make us believe anything that doesn’t make sense. No one can force us to do things that aren’t actually in our best interest. Our constitution protects our rights to freedom of autonomy, sovereignty, and self-authority.
No matter how crazy life feels right now, you can trust your intuition. You can trust that part of you that knows.

Everyone has their own journey to travel; their own relationship with trusting. We can allow for difference. And that is the true sign of a free country.