Everyone Thinks They Are Nice

Originally I had a sub-heading titled “Everyone Thinks They Are Nice” in the Injustice of Emotionality, Making Sense of the Insensible. It got lots of response at my workshop. I wanted it to get that response because I was making a point. I have never met anyone who has declared themselves as intentionally horrible. Don’t […]

Toxic Femininity Mimics Toxic Masculinity

Having watched #SundayNight and the segment about football codes in Australia on Sunday March 17, 2019, the thing that stunned me was the two main women interviewed went out searching for penis. They treated the men like star-meat. They just wanted a piece of fame in their vaginas. They didn’t care about who or what […]

Ho’oponopono May Not Be Exactly What You Have Been Told

Recently I heard someone innocently sharing the story of Ho’oponopono as told in a book written by Joe Vitale. In December 2016 I wrote an article for the Australian Holistic Healer’s and Counsellors Association newsletter in which I made reference to Joe Vitale’s Forgiveness Process (that is what I am now calling it) about Ho’oponopono. […]