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How to Attract Money Without Spending Hours On Boring Budgets Even If The Law Of Attraction Has Never Worked For You Before.

It's more than just a 30 Day Challenge...

  • 1
    It clears your core money blocks so you can attract money with greater ease which means you can start living that life you really want
  • 2
    It helps shift your money vibration from where you are now to where you want to be over the next 30 days which means by next month you can be living without the struggle you resent right now
  • 3
    It takes you on a deep dive into your limiting beliefs and shatters the hold they have which gives you a sense of freedom like you have only dreamed of before
  • 4
    It stops you from just dreaming of all the good you could do with money and gets you motivated to start manifesting your dreams
  • 5
    It allows you to align yourself to the possibility and potential that is yours for the taking and that means you are living more truthfully to your essential nature

The world economy makes you feel like you just can't get ahead. The rich keep getting richer and you don't get a look in. It's not fair. Everywhere you look you are being told it's financially tough right now. It gets to you. Those beliefs seep into your mind and you end up feeling lost in this fear of lack. A fear you can't get ahead. A fear that you can't provide for your family. A fear that you are failing.

But it's not real. It's not true. No matter how much it feels like it. It doesn't have to stay this way.

There are still people earning thousands of dollars, living luxurious lives. You can too!

Imagine meeting your monthly mortgage payments with ease. How much less stress you would feel each month...how much more energy you would have to give to your family...because it wasn't lost to worry and fear?

They say money can't buy happiness but it does give you freedom and that allows you to enjoy your life more fully! 

Imagine being able to afford that holiday you have always dreamed of. What's still sitting on the top of your bucket list? Imagine finally going there, just breathing in that feeling of doing something you have always wanted to do.

Empowered Tapping offers significant benefits that leave traditional EFT in its tracks.

You get all the benefits of tapping immediately:

1. A flow of energy through your meridians that returns harmony and balance throughout your body

2. A decrease of your cortisol levels by 24% which means you will feel calmer and less stressed

3. A shift in your brain frequency to delta waves enabling you to discard unproductive emotional charge 

And then while you sleep something incredible happens!

Because Empowered Tapping is a scripted conversation with the parts of your brain that specifically unlocks repeating patterns and breaks unhealthy habits it allows your brain to rewire (while you sleep) so you wake up the next morning with a fresh, new perspective on life.

I just can't believe it. It's really true. I woke up the next morning after tapping feeling and thinking very differently. I felt more able to look at my bank account and face the amount of money I had. But then something miraculous happened in the week that followed. I had a job offer that paid more, unexpected money arrived just in time for the weekend and I got a new client in my side business. I'm even starting to think about having a savings account. This Empowered Tapping really works!


What you will receive as part of this 30 Day Money Challenge...

You have instant and lifetime access to all three Empowered Tapping Scripts.

You will receive a PDF of the Empowered Tapping Script as well as a downloadable audio of the Tap-along PLUS the video where you can tap along with me.

In addition, you will receive a BONUS video and handout that explains how you can personalise your scripts to clear even more of your blocks to attracting money.

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