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I completed Leonie’s Holistic Flower Essence course in 2001. I just loved it. I learnt so much about myself and others through Leonie’s story-telling. She has created an amazing course that reflects her wide breadth of experience. Her love of the essences and deep knowing of their power to heal the most traumatic of experiences inspires us all. It is a unique course because of what it combines together yet anything less just wouldn’t be worth studying. Leonie is a special kind of teacher because she brings you in contact with yourself while supporting your compassion for the humanity in us all. Thanks Leonie.

Essence of Healing Institute Barbara Jinks Testimonial

Barbara Jinks

Practitioner Course Grad

If I have something bothering me I just open your book to the section that relates and read your words. My stress melts away and I feel calm as I realize why I have felt like I did. Then I get on with my life feeling free and joyous again.

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Victoria, Australia

Renew Your Soul Healing Retreat

A Journey of Initiation into the Heart of the Himalaya's with Leonie Blackwell.

Would you like to immerse yourself in a Healing Retreat with a difference?

Join me on a Journey of Self-discovery in the breathtaking landscapes of Ladakh and be introduced to the very heart of Tibetan traditions.

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About Leonie Blackwell

You may have already heard my story about how a health crisis led me to becoming a Naturopath specializing in emotional well-being. I have provided a service to thousands of clients and taught hundreds through my accredited practitioner courses and innovative personal development workshops before writing Making Sense of the Insensible and The Box of Inner Secrets. 

I was four years old when I announced to my parents that I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. I went on to complete a Bachelor of Education majoring in Food and Nutrition, Politics and Health and Human Relations, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Student Welfare. 

I had always been drawn to working out what made people tick on a physical, emotional and cognitive level. I call myself a patternologist because patterns of injustice - those challenging, unfair, unjust experiences that often saw people spiralling down into the pit of anguish, heartache, anger, shame and fear - were all around me to observe and contemplate the purpose and meaning of.

We all have had something happen in our lives that has challenged us. In fact, rarely is there just one event that has defined our lives. But what was significant about being diagnosed with Human Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity at the age of 24 was that it took me on a journey of healing not just my physical body but my mental and emotional selves as well. I had an idea that everything could be fixed; that there was always a solution. My world felt shattered when the doctor informed me that 'while he could diagnose me, he had no solutions. I was going to have to learn to live like this.' That was 30 years ago. Times have changed and anyone who has this problem now could seek medical options to fix and heal the allergy.

I didn't accept the concept of living like this or there not being anything I could do. I turned to natural therapies and sought healing tools to transform my health. It was a long process because it was eight years after the diagnoses before the product that eventually switched off my auto-immune system from attacking what it considered foreign proteins was available. That product was Reiishi Mushroom Extract.

You don't have to have experienced exactly what I have because the lessons I have learnt are universal. That is what I can share with you to help you grow in the choices you make and your capacity to respond-ably in your life.

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More Testimonials

This trip to Ladakh has been a real emotional journey for me. Leonie’s sessions have certainly helped to shift some stuff and I can’t wait to use the Box of Inner Secrets cards and tapping scripts to keep working through things. The activities have been fantastic. It’s very hard to put into words how this trip has changed me and willed me to go on to become the real me! I highly recommend it! Thank you Leonie.

Leonie Blackwell Renew Your Soul Tingmosgang Nunnery

DR. Australia

Retreat Participant

Leonie makes you feel "it's OK to have feelings, be human and have baggage" and that we can work with it and still grow and blossom. She has a way of making everyone feel nurtured, at ease and at no point did I ever feel judged. Yet she has a way of dishing out the hard truth without sending everyone running out the door or fighting over the box of tissues. Leonie sees life like nobody I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. To realize how others treat us and how we treat others and ourselves is an amazing insight and something all of us need to learn. Thank you so much.

Amanda Walsh

Workshop Participant

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